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Montserrat Suárez

Montse Manton.jpg


When she dances the stage shakes
and the audience trembles

Her fans and friends only call her "La Montse" or respectfully "Terremoto" (earthquake).

Since she was seven years old, Montserrat Suárez has been passionate about flamenco.
She studied with the best and most famous teachers, in Spain and all around the world.

Already at the age of 17 she danced in the most famous tablao in Spain, the "Casa Patas".

Today, the award-winning dancer looks back on an amazing career with international stage experience:

She was a guest on the Sat 1 television show "Hitgiganten" with the world famous Gipsy Kings.

She has performed as a soloist and together with many renowned and internationally known flamenco artists, such as Israel Galván, Niña Pastori, Alfonso Losa, Rorario Toledo, Andres Peña, Enrique "El Extremeño", Carmen Linares, El Guadiana and many more...

She has delighted audiences in Australia, China, India, Venezuela, Lebanon, Senegal, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.


Montserrat Suárez - an exceptional talent

In France, she won the first prize twice in an international dance competition.
In the Sat 1 television program "Guinness World Record" she won the title

the second fastest flamenco dancer in the world with 868 flamenco tabs in one minute!
Photographic impressions of her flamenco dance were exhibited in the world famous Flamenco Museum in Seville.

A great honor and award.


Montserrat Suárez lives flamenco and loves to play with fire.

With her spirited, rousing and unforgettable show

she is always the highlight at presentations and events:


World-renowned car dealerships:







and many more.


Renowned companies:






UBS Bank

German Bank




and many more


Large hotel chains:




Grand Hotel


Yacht and Golf Clubs

and much more.

Prominent private parties:


Mrs. Sembach-Krone (Dir. Circus Krone)



Nestlé boss

Prince Leopold of Bavaria

Baroness von Cetto

Actor Michael von Au

and many more.


Festivals and concerts:


Euro Dance Festival

Tollwood Festival


Olympic Stadium


Allianz Arena

German Theater

Dortmund Westfalenhalle.

and much more.


have already booked her.


For 20 years Montserrat has been teaching and training children, teenagers and adults of all levels with great success. In addition, she works as a choreographer for dance groups and soloists for television, theater, opera, fashion shows and various festivals.

Montserrat Suárez has been invited as a guest teacher in China, India, Austria, Serbia and Croatia, among others.

In the fall of 2017 she toured China (Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Jinan) with very great success.

But she is not only an outstanding flamenco artist, also in singing and acting she convinces with her talent and extraordinary energy.In several music, film and TV productions of ARD, ZDF, BR, Sat 1, Pro 7, DSF she appeared dancing, singing and as an actress. „La Montse" stormed with her singles the charts three times in Germany and was number 1 and 2 in Venezuela.

With her single "Mamasita" Montserrat performed as main act for the Bacardi Summer Tour.

For the music group Aventura "Obsesión" she performed as support act.

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